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IIDA Cocktail Couture 2016 | A Walk on the Wild Side

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IIDA Cocktail Couture 2016 | A Walk on the Wild Side

May 26, 2016 News 0 Comments 845 Views

This year marked our North Florida Chapter’s IIDA Cocktail Couture 12th Fashion Show.  The Cocktail Couture show is a nationally recognized event put on by many city centers throughout the country throughout the year.  Each show benefits the city center and more importantly a designated charity.  This year, like every year, our benefiting charity was Dignity U Wear, a charity founded by holocaust survivor, philanthropist Henri Landwirth.  Dignity U Wear supplies clothing to men, women and children in need at all stages of life.

For the show, teams are formed at will and paired at random with industry manufacturers 3 months before the event.  Each team is tasked with creating a head to toe garment, comprised of at least 80% of their sponsoring manufacturer’s materials.  These materials include carpet, lighting components, hard tile, resilient flooring, laminate, marketing materials, packing supplies, upholstery fabrics, solid surface, resin, and beyond.

This year, we were proud to host the event at the national award winning Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.  The theme, “A Walk on the Wild Side”, allowed for 7 unique award categories new to our event, they were:

Best Use of Materials
Ready to Wear
Eye of the Tiger
Bird of Paradise
Free Bird
People’s Choice
Judge’s Choice

Our judging panel was hand selected by our IIDA committee and board and comprised of architects, interior designers, artists and fashion designers.  The garments are judged individually during their fashion show catwalk and the judges are given time to deliberate before naming the winners.  People’s Choice is decided by ballot distributed to the crowd before the runway.

Unique to this year’s show, we commissioned a local artist/sculptor, Jim Smith, to create an individual work of art as the prize for each category.

This year was our largest turn out yet and we feel also…our greatest show to date – as far as the party, the flood of creativity, and all the donated services and collaboration from not only our industry, but from the local art and fashion scene.  Finding these collaborators and creative teams was due solely to the dedication and hard work of our committee.  We began working on this project before the start of the year, and were on site getting models, artist, sets, teams, etc ready to go and in place at 8am the day of.  Also, most importantly, we were able to raise more money this year than ever before for Dignity U Wear.


Committee – all members of the local A&D community and manufacturer reps:

Christi Coats – President IIDA NFC

Nadine Frink – President Elect IIDA NFC

Mike Young – co-chair

Emi Chavez-Miller – co-chair

Becky Mesic

Meghan Shriver

Laura Hambrecht

Lacey Keen



Answers to your questions:


1. There were many event sponsors (over a dozen) and approximately 16-20 team sponsors.  CFD was an event sponsor and Tandus Centiva was a team sponsor.  Tandus Centiva was randomly paired with the following team –


La Porta Design Studio + Pond & Co. + True Design Studios

Gisela La Porta (La Porta Design Studio, principal designer and owner)

Claudia Belzer (Pond & Co, interior designer)

Leticia Slade (FSCJ, interior design student)

Kim Heckman (True Design Studios, interior designer)

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