We love it when there is a personal attachment to a project and this is one of those stories! 

Our own Bubba Miller attended Assumption Catholic School, and he married his wife Emi Chávez-Miller in Assumption Catholic Church which is their parish church. Of course, Emi is our amazing North Florida A & D Specialist and she personally collaborated with the architect to select the right products to meet their needs on budget and on time. 

 Kaspar Architecture asked Emi to find a low budget easy to clean product that offered some nice aesthetics, and although they wanted that low budget, they wanted something a cut above VCT. Without hesitation, she suggested UpoFloor Quartz Tile.  The team loved the simple maintenance routine, durability, warranty, aesthetics and color selection and was quite pleased with the price point!  

 As an added service, Emi set up a presentation with the board of the church-school and the architect to review why each flooring type was selected for each space. LVT, vinyl base, and quartz tile AND how to maintain them. Getting all of the parties together assured a seamless project and it turned out beautifully. 

 Bubba and Emi’s beautiful daughter will enjoy the new school – yep, you guessed it – just like her daddy, she will be attending Assumption School. If we’re lucky she will follow in her mommy’s footsteps and be a future CFD design superstar! 

Project Details

Jacksonville, Florida
Specified By
Kasper Architecture
Flooring Contractor
Spectra Contract Jacksonville  
G.C. Sauer, Inc.
Market Segment
LVT and Quartz Tile and Cove Base

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