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Welcome to the exciting world of Six Degrees Flooring Surfaces. When you select a floor from Six Degrees, you can rest assured you have selected one made from the highest quality, locally-sourced raw materials in a state of the art, family-owned factory, right here in the USA. Their products are both durable and beautiful. Innovative production technology, superior wear and scratch resistance, and commitment to you, our customer, and the environment are what set Six Degrees apart from the rest.

AcoustiCORK™ products provide the thinnest profile, most effective and lowest installed cost per square foot in Sound Control Products for Hard Surface Flooring and now for Vinyl & Resilient Flooring with CorkPlus250 and E-Z Floor sound control underlayment and crack suppression membrane.  AcoustiCork has solutions for apartments, condos and other multi-family dwellings.  Their products meet many of the key criteria of the organizations that promote and support green building initiatives.

AB Gustaf Kähr was established in 1857 and is today one of Europe’s leading parquet and wood flooring producers.  Kährs products are considered to be products of great quality. They are manufactured chiefly in three-ply and are available in one, two and three-strip versions. The products are mainly “floating”, where the parquet boards are bonded together side by side and not to the subfloor. The wood floors have been produced with the woodloc® joint since mid-2001, and has achieved market leadership in lock systems.

Wagner Meters is the respected world leader in moisture meter and moisture management solutions. For almost 50 years, Wagner’s field proven moisture meter technology has helped thousands of valued customers improve profits and eliminate wood and concrete moisture-related problems.  The Rapid RH® test system is so advanced that it works almost automatically. Once installed, the Smart Sensor™ and Easy Reader™ work together to provide accurate, instant readings at a touch. One touch of the Bluetooth® Smart Reader to any Rapid RH®4.0 EX stored with the EasyCare CalCheck®, and your RH data is wirelessly transferred directly to your mobile device, using either the DataMaster™ or CalMaster app!  And, all of the technology is available quick ship from CFD.

Amorim Recycled Rubber Flooring uses the latest technology to blend the highest quality raw materials into flooring that is durable, comfortable and fashionable to use. Low cost and ease of installation makes it the right choice.  Amorim’s product is a high quality recycled rubber material made using scrap rubber from the recycling of truck tires and virgin rubber materials, saving energy, reducing oil consumption and keeping millions of pounds of tire waste out of landfills.  Custom color combinations are available, but if you are looking for something to install right away.  CFD regularly stocks quick ship interlocking tile and roll goods for quick ship in a variety of colors that suit many school and company color schemes.

You will be amazed at the possibilities!  Tandus-Centiva, a Tarkett Company, manufactures luxury vinyl flooring that is beautiful and durable for heavy commercial traffic.  You can choose from their vast array of standard patterns or create your own custom designed flooring solutions.   With unique handcrafted solid vinyl tile or made to order luxury vinyl tile in stone, plank and abstract designs  you can select various sizes and surface textures for your unique design.  Don’t need a custom look?  We have quick ship luxury vinyl tile with stone & plank designs too. 

Schönox leveling compounds allow most subfloors to be renovated rather than demolished resulting in a more economical and environmentally responsible project solution. Rough, uneven floors, deteriorating ordinary gypsum, rough, residual carpet glue, asbestos cutback, unsound wood subfloors.  We have product solutions for all of these issues and more!  CFD stocks quality primers, moisture solutions, repair mortars, floor leveling compounds, and adhesives for use in the building and renovation industry.  If you have a subfloor problem, we have a solution.  Save time and money on your next job by renovating your subfloor instead of investing in costly demolition. 

Expanko Resilient Flooring, a Stonhard brand, is best known for high quality commercial cork flooring and also offers Sereniti Rubber Flooring, Vallarex floating floor, Reztec recycled rubber flooring, XCR4 cork/rubber flooring and CorkCore|LVT, which is a unique combination of LVT and natural cork. The original ½” thick solid cork flooring, Heirloom offers classic style and low maintenance costs that will last a lifetime. Expanko is dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly commercial flooring products that are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. 

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Flexco brings you the very best rubber, vinyl and ESD options available today and takes pride in being a resilient flooring partner that has the experience, the determination and the dedication to make your flooring visions become realities.  Explore the full range of products – the Flextones® color matching system will make specifications a breeze.  A full line of treads, cove base and accessories will finish your project successfully.  If you need something right away CFD stocks Flexco vinyl cove base in 30 colors as well as Natural Elements vinyl plank in a variety of up to date patterns.  Check out our possibilities!


Since the start in the 1950’s, Upofloor has revolutionized our view of traditional public space flooring – focusing on creating smart flooring materials that are environmentally sound, strong and easy to maintain. Quartz Tile, PVC Free Sheet and Tile selections are tougher, smarter and greener.  Upofloor Xpression Tile and Plank pleases the eye – and the environment. Zero Homogeneous sheet floor material is both user and environmentally friendly, making it well suited for public spaces. Compressed Quartz Tiles have been designed especially for public premises with heavy traffic. The unique compression technology provides a flexible yet durable structure, at the same time making the surface nonporous and dirt resistant.

Manufactured with a patented technology which makes the surface as hard as stone, Grabo Sheet Flooring. products are flexible and easy to instal. The surface is scratch resistant and 3-5 X stronger than conventional sheet vinyl. This allows for the floor to be installed in places which have so far been unable to use sheet vinyl. This technology, along with providing an increased lifespan, allows cleaning that is easy throughout the life of the floor.  We offer Grabo Silver Knight Infection Control Flooring, Grabo Evolution No Wax Flooring and Grabo Safety with colors and patterns in heavy duty, heat weld-able materials that are also a hygienic solution.

For more than 50 years Fritztile has manufactured flexible Terrazzo floor tile with an emphasis on beauty and durability. It is perfect for high-traffic areas where longevity and low-maintenance requirements are demanded, and because it arrives ready to install it is an economical alternative to traditional poured floors.  Traditional terrazzo tile is poured on the jobsite, but Fritztile is poured and formed in a pan at the factory creating a square tile that is ready to install!  As an added bonus, Fritztile contributes significantly to the reduction of sound transmission and impact insulation, making it great for public spaces! 

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