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Winter Park Memorial Hospital - A Florida Hospital

Project Details

Location: Winter Park, FL

Specified by: Gresham Smith & Partners

Flooring Contractor: Hudson Everly Commercial Flooring

Materials: Solid Vinyl Tile

Market Segment: Healthcare


Selecting a floor for an operating room is actually, well…critical.  Your health can depend on it!

There are few things that are non-negotiable:


Ease of Maintenance


There is no dispute that hygiene is number one, and Flexco’s Solid Vinyl Heat Weld Tile is a proven winner!  This facility chose the best option with Appeal solid vinyl tile, pre-grooved at the factory, heat welded and flash coved on site providing a watertight, heavy duty, germ buster.  Ease of maintenance also gets 5 Stars here - this is a true NO WAX floor and operating rooms require a quick turn-around without compromising cleanliness.  Longevity?  One of the most expensive areas to shut down is not the place you want a floor with a short life-span.  Can you guess how old this beautiful installation might be?  Check out the heat welds, the flash cove, the cleanliness…this floor is nearly 14 years old!  How’s that for a show-stopping healthcare performance? 

CFD has been working with the hospitals and specifiers for over 15 years and have come to the conclusion that we have a real life saver with Flexco’s Solid Vinyl, Heat Weld Tile.  Many of our clients are familiar with APPEAL and APPEAL ESD as long time standards and have specified them often for areas that take high abuse, especially in the healthcare environment.

In the past year Appeal has gotten a color makeover, and a new name – DELANE TILE now available in a variety of colors and a new 12” x 24” too.  Even a workhorse, industrial floor deserves to have a little style. 

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