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Fortis Fitt

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Sheet Vinyl Homogeneous


Grabo’s homogeneous sheet vinyl offers long life expectancy, iGuard surface makes is easy to clean and maintain, excellent abrasion and scuff resistance. The design in vogue colors is non-directional, it’s also anti-bacterial and Dimensionally stable.

Fortis Fitt Warranty


  • Athletic Facilities
  • Theme Park
  • Education
  • Multi-Family
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
"Beyond outstanding, customer service on flooring offerings, CFD has taken the time to provide product education and installation best practices on a multitude of new and existing flooring conditions for specifications. Day or night, our rep Emi Chavez-Miller understands our always going schedules and responds quickly and efficiently with the best interest of her clients in mind."
Mary Couch
Gresham Smith
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