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Well-Equipped to Help Complete Your Project

We provide the best in commercial flooring options and partner with you every step of the way to ensure your completed project is nothing short of remarkable.

Commercial Flooring Expertise That Goes Beyond Quality Products

Our knowledgeable team has an incredible amount of technical expertise and excels at identifying the best commercial flooring options for your project.

As expert problem-solvers, we’ll meet with you at your job site to assess your project’s needs, issues, and potential concerns to design the perfect solution.


Whatever your project needs, we help you determine the best commercial flooring options for the job. Working with you as your commercial flooring specialists, we will:

  • Listen to Your Application Needs and Aesthetic Preferences
  • Assess the Scope of Your Project in Your Office or on Your Job Site
  • Provide Adhesive and Subfloor Solutions
  • Offer Several Options to Fit Your Budget

Design Support

CFD offers design support

As a designer, you know both function and design are important when it comes to commercial flooring. Our extensive range of commercial flooring options helps to ease the stress of incorporating great-looking flooring into your budget.

We ensure:

  • A Wide Variety of Colors and Designs
  • Guaranteed Suitability for Your Space
  • An Impressive Selection of Product Materials

Materials Management

CFD can help you with materials management

You’ve got a lot on your plate with your building projects. That is why our capabilities include following your project through from the first consultation to completion. Our commercial flooring experts will take the reins on providing you the best possible flooring solutions.

We assist you with:

  • Specification Documents
  • Ordering Samples
  • Handling Multiple Project Bids for Dealers
  • Ordering and Shipping for Installation
"ProFloor’s relationship with CFD has been uniformly excellent. It is not uncommon in our line of work for an active job to be upgraded by our clients, which might demand further materials. As we pride ourselves on accomplishing our duties within a professional schedule, it’s essential to have relationships with businesses that are also committed to the high standard we strive for. In this way, CFD is an invaluable ally toward reaching our goals as they consistently provide useful products at excellent prices and can be reliably counted on to deliver these products, regardless of what obstacles that may entail, in a timely fashion. In short, it’s a pleasure to work with CFD because they help us do our job correctly and are extremely accommodating and affable while doing so."
Jeremy Brown
Pro Floors
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