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The Commercial Flooring Industry Changes Quickly. Staying Current Is Crucial.

We believe education and training make us better and we pass that on to you, our valued client. Staying current in the latest technologies and trending flooring options allows us to keep up with our ever-changing industry. Environmental regulations, material features, and possible installation problems and solutions make both your business and our business more successful.


Stay Well-Informed and Equipped to Tackle Any Commercial Flooring Project

Provide the best service and products to your customers by taking advantage of our training and education offerings. Stay informed and current with your industry’s innovations, technologies and installation processes, and keep ahead of the competition.

We Learn from Our Manufacturers

Nobody knows more about commercial flooring products than the manufacturers themselves. By continually communicating with our trusted manufacturing partners, we learn installation techniques, issues, and solutions, as well as product capabilities, features and benefits.

You Learn from Us

What we learn from our product partners, we use to better inform you through training and education. Whether you require factory training to install a specific product or need to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your license, we’re here to help you as an architect, designer, installer or dealer.

Surpass the Competition Through Our Training and Education

"I have always found CFD to be one of my most reliable vendors. They have been able to give assistance when needed in expediting product and have always stepped up to the plate and done whatever is needed when there are problems to expedite getting them resolved. I would recommend CFD to anyone looking to purchase any of the products they carry."
David Evans
Dixie Contract Carpet, Inc.
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