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Emi, a team member with Commercial Flooring Distributors

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Map showing sales territory in northern region

Emi Chavez-Miller, Ind. IIDA

Architectural Design Consultant, North Florida

12 Years In The Flooring Business

Emi comes from a richly diverse architectural and commercial construction background. She has been deeply involved in the commercial construction industry since 2004, where she first learned the trade. She then followed in her father’s architectural/construction footsteps and went to school for her Master of Fine Arts in interior design in South Florida.

After working in interiors at a few Florida-based design firms, she made the leap into architectural sales in 2014. She loves that her sales role allows her to be involved in the design and selection process while acting as a technical consultant to her clients. Supporting her customers and helping them bring their design to life is a real joy. She never tires of architectural sales because the job is different every day. Problem-solving and supporting a cause are two of her greater gifts.

“I am passionate about interiors and the history of design. Elevating the design and construction profession is of utmost importance to me. I first got involved with the IIDA North Florida Chapter in 2008, getting my feet wet with membership, education opportunities, and professional development. In 2014 I joined various event committees, and that is where my love for IIDA and its mission to protect the rights of licensed interior designers really took flight. I have had the honor of serving as the VP of Events for the North Florida Chapter since 2016 and have traveled to three National Chapter Leadership Councils for IIDA to discuss best practices amongst my peers.”

“Designing and building the spaces we live and work in is the greatest form of art. Your space deserves a lasting and beautiful floor.” – Emi Chavez-Miller

"Emi, thank you for always being available for professional assistance in helping us specify the correct flooring. Your recommendations are always spot on and recognize our client’s budget and time restraints. You and your team have always gone the extra mile in quickly providing not only technical assistance, but samples and installation photos to help assure our clients that they can have confidence in the products we recommend. CFD has proven to be a great resource for our design team!
Thomas Duke
Thomas Duke Architect, PA
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