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Mike, the President of Commercial Flooring Distributors

[email protected]

(321) 945-5561

Mike Kelley


14 Years In The Flooring Business

Mike’s sales journey began in 1999. After embracing and succeeding as District Sales Manager at Coors Brewing Company, he joined CFD in 2006 and was responsible for the North Florida sales territory. Because of his expertise in educating the A&D community, end-users, and key contractors about our fine line of products, he was promoted to Vice President with a mission to cover the state of Florida with beautiful, functional and quality commercial flooring.

Favorite Quote: “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t” – Bill Nye

Your Signature Dish: Pulled Barbeque pork – “I use my special, double secret, homemade rub, and then slow smoke” 

What’s the number 1 thing to remember about commercial flooring? – “It’s crucial to have the right product for the right application”


"Emi has gone above and beyond to earn, maintain, and keep our business. I suggest/recommend making CFD a part of your business if you are interested in being more successful and profitable."
Rob Clyatt
Carpet Studio
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