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Beardall Recreational Center

AC Design Concepts, Melbourne, FL


Orlando, FL




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Six Degrees, Compass Plank


AC Design Concepts

The Situation

The Beardall Senior/Recreational Center, originally built as a school, is an historic building from the 1920s located near Downtown Orlando. This is now a neighborhood recreational center for events, fitness programs, art classes and other activities. The old VCT (vinyl composition tile) flooring required a great deal of maintenance and desperately needed to be replaced.


The Solution

Six Degrees Compass luxury vinyl plank, color Vancouver was the perfect product selection with a 28 mil wear layer for high traffic, attractive and forgiving pattern, and easier maintenance than their old VCT.  The Compass material was in stock, made in the USA and economical, which allowed for a fast track installation on time and on budget.

The Outcome

An updated look and a durable flooring material with a 20 year commercial warranty that will serve this community well for years to come!

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