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Certified Finishes Corporate Office


Orlando, FL






Certified Finishes, Orlando, FL

The Situation

This busy office had polished concrete in its lobby, library and extremely long hallway. They wanted a new look and didn’t want an installation that would create a lot of disruption.

The Solution

SetaGrip, an LVT with a unique backing was selected. The color Chalet Retreat was chosen, which is a gorgeous pattern offering shades of brown and gray for a neutral look that blended well with their existing interior finishes. This material is amazing! It has a backing that can be installed on any flat, non-porous surface such as polished concrete or even VCT with wax.

The way it works is a lot like the way a gecko grips a surface – there are millions of microscopic suction cups and the flooring goes down without adhesive, without tape, without a locking system. All they needed to do was clean the floor, determine their starting point, snap a line and start installing! Tools needed – straight edge and a knife.

The Outcome

In about a day, this flooring was installed with no adhesive odor, no noise and no office downtime. The result – a gorgeous new look with the added benefits of acoustical improvement and comfort underfoot. There is no longer an echo in the office from the constant foot traffic on the bare concrete floors.

“The install was easy, and work was not interrupted as we did it during business hours. We are delighted to have this floor down. From the polished concrete we had, the noise level is cut down with this installed and is so easy to clean. We vacuum and Swiffer with ease. The office has a little more classiness to it.”
Melody Salvatore, Operations Manager, Certified Finishes
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